CLNRT Demonstration

The "Wow" moment most patients experience is relived for almost every new patient. See a demonstration of the Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Technique (CLNRT) in action below:

Watch as New York Yankee Pitcher Phil Coke experiences CLNRT:

Ten Reasons this Technique is Geared for Chiropractors

  1. Use this 20 second procedure to help assist in the adjusting of the 'too tight' patient.
  2. Helps the patient to feel immediate relief following an adjustment.
  3. Helps the patient to 'hold' their adjustment longer.
  4. Increase patient confidence and satisfaction.
  5. Consistent immediate results in relieving muscle pain and spasm.
  6. Backed by a 269 patient clinical study. Even the most severe muscle pain was reduced to a 2 or less on the 1-10 comparative pain scale with this system. After treatment, the vast majority of patients reported a 0, and some a 1. A very few reported a 2.
  7. One doctor reports that "it's like a magic trick, that works every time!"
  8. Painless for the patient and nearly effortless for the doctor or practitioner.
  9. No lengthy weekend seminar needed, learn the technique in minutes.
  10. Stay ahead in your field with the greatest and latest discovery!

Instructions for reducing Trapezius pain or spasm:

A single beam laser light must be used. Do not use a flashlight or LED light. Any laser pointer will work fine in either red or green. A therapeutic laser works even quicker. Click on the Trapezius in the list of muscles in the OVERVIEW section. Look at the red line on the forehead of the Trapezius page. This is the treatment area for the Trapezius muscle.

Use the technique with someone with a tight or sore Trapezius. With the beam on and being careful of the eyes, shine the beam back and forth on 'the line' on the forehead for 5-seconds, then tap quickly along the line with the beam for another 15 seconds. Re-check the trapezius. You will be amazed.

The manual teaches you where all the Cranial Release Points are for all the major muscles of the body, with the same dramatic results.

Try it yourself... For FREE! You will agree it really is amazing!

See Jeff Hooper's "Wow" moment, as he first experiences CLNRT:

After trying this system you will have to agree that the results are astounding! Every day you can witness this jaw-dropping pain relief. This 72 page, full-color, illustrated manual will show you how. You WILL be very pleased with the results!

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